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A minimalistic request library for node.


npm install minreq


The most common library used to perform http(s)-requests in node is request. While it works, it has a lot of features that aren't needed in most cases (eg. cookies, oauth). Besides, the code isn't as fast as it can be. This project is intended to replace request in cases where it's simply too heavy.



  • request like api
  • lightweight (compared to this lib, request is a giant)
  • provides a callback that's called when a response was received (like request)
  • works as a stream (Stream#pipe is supported)
  • forwards events
  • follows redirects
  • you may add your own protocols!


  • uri: Object that's passed to http(s).request (as described here)
  • followRedirect: Boolean that indicates whether redirects should be followed
  • maxRedirects: int with the maximum number of redirects (defaults to 10)
  • body: that data that should be passed to the request
  • encoding: the encoding that all data should use (the body will always be a string)
  • timeout: a request times out if it passes this limit. Defaults to 10000 (read: 10 seconds)
  • only2xx: only permit status codes >= 200 and < 300 (otherwise, throw an error)


  • add documentation
  • ease adding other protocols