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A lightweight way to change words into other words.

Code Climate NPM version


$ npm install minitranslate


  • WYSIWYG word-replacement translator
  • Tiny: only 2.4 KB compressed
  • Dead-simple library in mt-lib.js:
var mt_lib = [
  { w: "Hello", r: "Goodbye" },
  { w: "World", r: "Mars" }
  • Dynamic translation:
<input id="mt-input"/>
<input id="mt-output"/>
  • Add class .mt-patient to #mt-input to translate only once #mt-button is clicked
<input id="mt-input" class="mt-patient"/>
  • Static translation:
<div id="mt-translate"/>
  • Case insensitive:
    • hElLo => wOrLd
    • bYe => gOodbye
  • Punctuation currently only includes !?,. and appends to word
    • Hello!*(> => World!