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A command line tool to build & watch MiniProgram.

task flow


quick start

show all commands

npx miniprogram-build -h

install as devDependence

npm i miniprogram-build -D


miniprogram-build [command...] [--option]

Short Alias [短命称]: mpmp-build


dev      build and watch <构建和检测文件修改>
watch    watch file changes <监测文件变化>
build    clean and compile <清理和编译所有文件>
clean    remove all files in dist <清理dist>
compile  compile all source files to dist <编译所有源文件>
js       compile ts/js files to `.js` <编译生成js>
wxs      compile wxts/wxs files to `.wxs` <编译生成wxs>
wxss     compile scss/sass/css/wxss to `.wxss` <编译生成wxss>
wxml     compile html/wxml files to `.wxml` <编译生成wxml>
json     compile all json/jsonc files to `.json` <编译生成json>
image    compresse all images in source to dist <压缩所有图片>
copy     copy all files match `copy` to dist <复制需要复制的文件>
npm      build npm dependencies to dist <编译npm依赖>


  --version     show version number <查看本版号>                       [boolean]
  --release     production mode <发布模式会优化压缩>  [boolean] [default: false]
  --src         source folder <源文件目录>           [string] [default: "src"]
  --dist        output folder <编译输出目录>        [string] [default: "dist"]
  --exclude     ignored files <编译忽略文件(夹)>                         [array]
  --tsconfig    typescript config file <TS配置,未设置会自动查找tsconfig.json>
  --copy        files to copy <复制的文件>
  --assets      assets folder under src/ for compling style, wont put to dist
                                                    [string] [default: "assets"]
  --var         KEY value pair to replace in js/json <替换JS和JSON中的变量>
  -c, --config  JSON config file <配置置文件,命令参数优先级高于配置>
  -h, --help    show help <显示帮助信息>                               [boolean]


  • dev in int env
mp-build dev --config=./
  • build for prod release
mp-build build --config=./ --release

default config

    "release": false,
    "src": "src",
    "dist": "dist",
    "assets": "assets",
    "copy": "",
    "exclude": [],
    "tsconfig": "tsconfig.json",
    "var": {
        "APP_ID": "all {{APP_ID}} in json/ts files will replaced by this value"

commands & options

commands & options


  • npm dependences need build npm via devtools (安装外部npm依赖需要开发工具并点击构建npm)
  • CSS npm packags install as devDependences with npm i -D (CSS的 npm 依赖使用npm i -D方式安装)


  • js
    • compile TS
    • sourcemaps
    • replace {{var}}
    • build break
    • JS support
    • error report
    • tree shaking
    • one tslib
  • wxs
    • compile TS (.wxts)
    • the same as js
  • wxss
    • compile
      • scss/sass
      • css
    • import node_modules
    • sourcemaps
    • minify (release) / expanded (debug)
    • inline image
    • inline svg
    • PostCSS
      • autoprefixeer
      • cssnano & inline svg compress
    • keep import wxss (MUST start with / and end with .wxss)
    • build break when Invalid
    • skip local scss _
    • assest folder
    • error report
  • wxml
    • wxml
    • html
    • copy rename
    • compress
    • error report
  • JSON
    • comments (添加注释)
    • trailing comma
    • minify
    • replace {{var}}
    • error report
  • resource
    • copy/src
    • image compress
    • error report
  • console verbose
    • all files
    • file size


  • exclude path
  • multi watcher
  • init
  • config
  • 显示报错位置
  • break errors
  • pages config
  • template project
  • cache
  • svg ==> iconfonts
    • svg ==> iconfont
    • build wxss
  • miniprogram native npm
    • link node_modules
    • rollup js lib
    • components


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