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minioc-broadway [Build Status](

Broadway plugin for adding minioc and minioc-loader support to broadway/flatiron apps. minioc-broadway extends the app.use function and sets app.minioc to the minioc library import.


var broadway = require('broadway') // or 'flatiron' 
, app = new broadway.App()
, minioc_broadway = require('minioc-broadway')
app.use(minioc_broadway, { rootdir: __dirname });
app.use('./config'); // using `minioc-broadway` lets us use directories as plugins, 
app.use('./routes'); // which are loaded via `minioc-loader` 
console.log('setup complete -- start app');
app.init(); // flatiron: `app.start(3000, console.log);` 


  • rootdir - required - root directory of the app (__dirname from the main app file)
  • noRegister - if true, minioc-broadway will not automatically create registrations in minioc app.use(minioc_broadway, { rootdir: __dirname, noRegister: true });


Unless noRegister is set, minioc-broadway will automatically register the following in minioc as singletons (immutable registrations):

  • $app - the broadway-based app (this from the attach method)
  • $rootdir - the root directory as specified in the options (rootdir)