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minifymyjs-4-node - A wrapper for the API


npm install minifymyjs

Or if that isn't easy enough

git clone git:// minifymyjs
cd minifymyjs
npm link


The library comes with one method; minify(), which has the following signature:

minify(files[, options][, destination], function (err, output));
  • files: One or more files to be minified. If providing more than one file, we expect an array. Each file specified can be either a file path (absolute or relative), or a URI.
  • options: Optional An object whose key-values map API options to values.
  • destination: Optional Absolute or relative path to where you'd like the minified source to be written. If a file already exists at that destination, it will be overwritten. If you omit this parameter, you'll only get access to the minified source code through the callback parameter (see below).
  • callback: Called when the API has completed. If an error occured, err will be a String describing the error. If the request succeeded, err will be null and output will be the minified source code. * ##Available Options

A comprehensive list of the available options (with descriptions) can be found at

  • To set a boolean option (something that is simply either on or off), pass true or false as the value for the option.

  • To set a numerical value (max_line_length, indent_start etc.), pass the number as the value for the option.

  • To specify variable names to exclude (exclude[]), pass an array of variable names with the key exclude:

         except: ['foo', 'bar', 'baz']


Minifies the files jquery.js and application.js with all the default API options and writes the minifed source code to all.js

var minifier = require('minifymyjs');

minifier.minify(['', __dirname + '/js/application.js'], './js/all.js', function (err, output) {
  if (err) {
    console.log('Whoops: ' + err);

Changes some of the API options

var minifier = require('minifymyjs');

minifier.minify(['', __dirname + '/js/application.js'], {
  mangle: false,                                                  // don't change variable names
  keep_copyright: true                                            // keep the copyright notice in the first file
}, __dirname + '/js/all.js', function (err, output) {
  if (err) {
    console.log('Whoops: ' + err);