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Generate fake data.
An alternative to faker.js with both esm and cjs syntax


npm i minifaker

Supported locales

en | fr, fr-CA | es


faker.js is big, does not support tree shaking and is not in Typescript

On 2021/01/05, Marak deleted fakerjs from npm and github.

Why not create a pull request to faker.js?

Supporting ES6 modules for faker.js would need a big restructure change.

Right now, I just need a couple of functions and it's faster to create a new package mirroring functions without having to do a lot of refactoring. However, importing the entire package will take work and time, but at least I can start using it without having to finish it.

I also want to use Typescript and introduce new functions.


I've notice that faker locales have duplicate words :S.
I'll try fix the duplicates when importing locale files to reduce size as much as possible.

Replacing old functions with new powerful packages instead

  • nanoid, uuid

Example / usage

Using functions

// You can either import minifaker completely 
// or import the functions you need
import minifaker, { arrayElement } from 'minifaker'
// const minifaker = require('minifaker')

arrayElement(['one', 'two', 'three'])

Using locale dependent functions

import minifaker, { cityName } from 'minifaker'
// There is no default locale import (not even `english`)
import 'minifaker/locales/en' // the first locale import is set as default
import 'minifaker/locales/fr'

minifaker.firstName({ gender: 'female' }) // female name in english
cityName({ locale: 'fr' }) // french city name

Generating a list of 50 english names

import { array, name } from 'minifaker'
import 'minifaker/locales/en'

array(50, () => name())

Generating english words

import { word } from 'minifaker'
import 'minifaker/locales/en'

word() // Can be an adjective, adverb, conjunction, interjection, noun, preposition, verb
word({ filter: (word) => word.length > 5 }) // Word with at least 5 characters
word({ type: 'noun' }) // A noun

Word types

verb,preposition,noun, interjection, conjunction, adverb, adjective

Direct access to more performant/popular packages

import { nanoId, uuid, nonsecure } from 'minifaker'

nanoId.nanoid() // nanoid -
nonsecure.nanoid() // nanoid/non-secure -
uuid.v4() // uuid -

Function mapping

Faker.js Locales Func
random.arrayElement n/a arrayElement
random.number,random.float n/a number
random.boolean n/a boolean
random.uuid n/a uuid -> uuid funcs
n/a n/a nanoid -> nanoId funcs
name.firstName en,fr firstName
phone.phoneNumber en,fr,fr-CA phoneNumber
address.cityName en,fr cityName
address.cityPrefix en cityPrefix
address.citySuffix en citySufix
image.imageUrl n/a imageUrlFromPlaceIMG
image.imageUrl n/a imageUrlFromPlaceholder
lorem n/a todo
random.objectElement n/a objectElement
n/a n/a array
name.lastName en,fr lastName
name.jobTitle en jobTitle
name.jobArea en jobArea
name.jobDescriptor en jobDescriptor
name.jobType en,fr jobType
n/a en,fr name
internet.ip n/a ip
internet.port n/a port
adjective,adverb,conjunction,interjection,noun,preposition,verb en word
internet.ipv6 n/a ipv6
internet.color n/a color
internet.username en,fr username
internet.mac n/a macAddress
internet.domainName en,fr,fr-CA domainName
internet.domainSuffix en,fr,fr-CA domainSuffix en,fr,fr-CA email
internet.url en,fr,fr-CA domainUrl
address.zipCode en,fr,fr-CA zipCode
address.streetPrefix fr streetPrefix
address.streetSuffix en,fr streetSuffix
address.streetName en,fr streetName
address.streetAddress en,fr streetAddress
address.timeZone en timeZone
address.latitude n/a latitude
address.longitude n/a longitude
n/a n/a latLong
address.direction,address.cardinalDirection,address.ordinalDirection en,fr direction
address.state,address.stateAbbr en,es state,address.countryCode en,fr country
commerce.price all price with Intl.NumberFormat
finance.creditCardNumber n/a creditCardNumber
finance.creditCardCVV n/a creditCardCVV
system.semver n/a semver
internet.password n/a password
date.month en,fr month
date.weekday en,fr weekday
date all date
finance.bitcoinAddress n/a bitcoinAddress
system.fileExt,commonFileExt n/a fileExt
system.fileName,commonFileName en fileName
system.filePath en filePath
system.mimeType,commonMimeType n/a mimeType
system.dirPath n/a dirPath
seed n/a setSeed
hexaDecimal n/a hex
address.county en county
address.province fr,es,fr-CA province




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