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minicloud based on node.js, providing efficient file storage server.

you can easily integrate existing app nodejs with minicloud.

About client(include web/desktop/mobile client)

minicloud is hybrid cloud model.files are stored on own servers, while management desktop client&mobile client&web client.


Create file index.js

    var app = yield require('minicloud')()

Installation package

$ npm install minicloud co
中国大陆用户建议下面方式安装依赖(cnpm 详情见: 
$ cnpm install minicloud co

Initialize sqlite database file(Just one time)

$ node ./node_modules/minicloud/install.js 

Run Server

$ node index.js 

Run Test

//register user 
curl -POST \ 
    --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
    --data "{\"name\":\"zhangsan\",\"nick\":\"xiaozhang\",\"password\":\"8k9v6n\",\"email\":\"\"}"
curl -POST \ 
    --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
    --data "{\"name\":\"zhangsan\",\"password\":\"8k9v6n\",\"device_name\":\"test-pc\"}"
//If successful, there will be the following information output 

API documentation

minicloud api documents has provided 60's compatible websocket.

  • cover departments, groups, users, user devices, files, file tags,login/logout events,file operate events

  • support file hash upload,large file block upload,simple file upload

  • support return thumbnail for an ai,bmp,eps,gif,jpg,jpeg,png,psd,tif,tiff

  • 330+ test case(大陆用户需翻墙)

  • support docx/doc/pptx/ppt/xlsx/xls/pdf online browse view(todo list)

  • support txt/docx/doc/pptx/ppt/xlsx/xls/pdf full text search(todo list)

  • support,http api can seamless convert to websocket.demo>>


minicloud-js-sdk websocket api sdk.compatible browserify,support:ie10+,chrome,firefox.

About supported database

minicloud base on sequelize.It currently supports MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL and MSSQL.

About Node version

minicloud is supported in all versions of iojs without any flags. To use minicloud with node, you must be running node 0.12.0 or higher for generator and promise support, and must run node(1) with the --harmony-generators or --harmony flag.

node 0.12+ MySQL MariaDB SQLite PostgreSQL MSSQL

iojs 1.x MySQL MariaDB SQLite PostgreSQL MSSQL

iojs 2.x MySQL MariaDB SQLite PostgreSQL MSSQL

iojs 3.x MySQL MariaDB SQLite MSSQL

node 4.x MySQL MariaDB SQLite MSSQL


koa app integrate with minicloud+sqlite/mysql/postgres/mssql

Todo list

  • web client
  • pc client(windows/mac/linux)