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Mini Tokyo 3D

A real-time 3D digital map of Tokyo's public transport system.




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Cheat Sheet

Operation Description
Mouse or finger drag Pan
Mouse wheel rotation Zoom in/out
Right click or Ctrl key + mouse drag Tilt up/down and rotate
Shift key + mouse drag Box zoom
Pinch in/out Zoom in/out
Two-finger drag Tilt up/down and rotate
Double-click or triple-tap Zoom in
Shift key + Double-click or two-finger tap Zoom out
Click or tap the search button Show/hide the route search panel
Click or tap +/- buttons Zoom in/out
Click or tap the compass button Reset bearing to north
Click or tap the compass button + mouse or finder drag Rotate
Click or tap the fullscreen button Toggle the fullscreen mode
Click or tap the eye button Toggle the underground mode
Click or tap the playback button Toggle the playback mode
Click or tap the battery button Toggle the eco mode
Click or tap the layer button Show/hide the layer display settings panel
Click or tap the camera button Show/hide the tracking mode settings panel
Click or tap the info button Show/hide the app info panel
Click or tap a train/aircraft/station Enable tracking or select station
Click or tap the map Disable tracking or deselect station
Hover a train/aircraft/station Show the train/aircraft/station information

Language Support

Currently, the following languages are supported. Any help or contribution with translations and additional language support is always greatly appreciated.

Language User Interface Map Labels Stations, Railways, Airlines, etc. User Guide
English Yes Yes Yes Yes
Japanese Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chinese (Simplified) Yes Yes Yes -
Chinese (Traditional) Yes Yes Yes -
Korean Yes Yes Yes -
Thai Yes - - -
Nepali Yes - - -
Portuguese (Brazil) Yes - - -
French Yes - - -

If you want to contribute, please start with translating the UI messages in the dictionary-<ISO 639-1 code>.json file in the data directory. Then, if you have extra energy, add the title of each item in your language to airports.json, flight-statuses.json, operators.json, poi.json, rail-directions.json, railways.json, stations.json, train-types.json in the data directory.

About Data

The data for this visualization are sourced from the Public Transportation Open Data Center, which includes station information and train timetables as well as real-time data such as train location information and status information of multiple railway lines in the Greater Tokyo area.

How to Build

First, get access tokens for the public transportation data and map tiles by signing up at Public Transportation Open Data Center and Mapbox. Then, create a file named secrets which has access tokens in the following format in the root directory of the application.

    "odpt": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

The latest version of Node.js is required. Move to the root directory of the application, run the following commands, then the script, dataset and static web page will be generated in the build directory.

npm install
npm run build-all

Finally, replace the accessToken property, which is passed to a Map constructor, with your Mapbox access token in index.html.

See the Developer Guides for more details.


Mini Tokyo 3D is available under the MIT license.

Supporting Mini Tokyo 3D

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