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Why MiniHandlebars?

  • ~82% faster than the official library compiling from markup to html on chrome/v8
  • 93.72% smaller file with just 59 lines or 1.1KB minified (639 bytes gzipped)
  • a TON more flexible; blocks are just javascript functions that take any number of arguments, and like express/sinatra we make no assumptions about which ones you want.
  • NO dependencies

Inspired by handlebars, mini-coffeecup, async2, and stylus libraries.


As I was developing mini-handlebars, I had a better idea which became coffee-templates. I will still keep mini-handlebars around for posterity, but no new features are likely to be added.

Quick Example

# this line is only required within node 
MiniHandlebars = require 'mini-handlebars'
# initialize new engine 
handlebars = new MiniHandlebars
    santa_laugh: 'Ho, ho, ho!'
    # note that you define all your own blocks; 
    # they are just functions that take any number of arguments 
    # but the first two arguments are always the same and required. 
    each: (template, data, enumerable, key, value) ->
      out = ''
      for k of data[enumerable]
        unless {}.hasOwnProperty data[enumerable]# optional 
          _data = MiniHandlebars._extend data[enumerable][k# optional 
          _data['this'= _data['this'|| data[enumerable][k# optional 
          typeof key is 'undefined' or _data[key= k # optional 
          typeof value is 'undefined' or _data[value= data[enumerable][k# optional, you know what you need! 
          out += handlebars.render template_data
# note that blocks and variables can be written 
# the same; the additional pound (#) is optional. 
# this is how i cache the templates in js: 
handlebars.templates['test'= '<!doctype html><html><head></head><body><p>Hello, {{name}}!</p><p>Here are your Christmas lists ({{santa_laugh}}):</p><table><thead><tr>{{each children, name}}<th>{{name}}</th>{{/each}}</tr></thead><tbody><tr>{{each children, name}}<td>{{each list}}<ul><li>{{this}}</li></ul>{{/each}}</td>{{/each}}</tr></tbody></table></body></html>'
# this will compile html output. 
# there is no in-between-js-function render stage, and there may never be 
# both-stages-in-one are already faster than the original lib 
# and i found the time acceptable for my purposes. 
console.log handlebars.render handlebars.templates['test'],
  name: 'Giver'
      list: ['ninja turtles mask''mario kart legos''airplane']
      list: ['something sweet']

As usual, for the latest examples, review the easy-to-follow ./test/

Or try it immediately in your browser with codepen.


  • add support for triple-stach/escaping utils? i just haven't needed it, yet. its all unescaped by default.
  • make it so blocks don't have to take arguments if they don't want to