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    An extremely minified alias for git commands with tab completion. Because who wants git commit -m "blah blah blah" to make every change?

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    Getting started


    The below works out of the box for zsh on mac or bash on windows. If using bash on mac, change the value of use-mac-bash in [package.json] to true:

    npm install -g mingit && source ~/

    ** You must execute source ~/ or source ~/.zshrc if using zsh on mac, or open a new terminal, then you can try out the Commands below. **

    Tested on Mac OS X El Capitan. If this doesn't work for you, see Manual Install


    Supporting the minimal number of highly-used commands

    g a .                   // git add .
    g b other-branch        // git branch other-branch
    g c "made some changes" // git commit -m "made some changes"
    g co master             // git checkout master
    g d                     // git diff
    g f                     // git fetch
    g i                     // git init 
    g m hotfix              // git merge hotfix
    g pll                   // git pull
    g psh                   // git push
    g s                     // git status

    This doesn't destroy command line parameters, so for example typing

    g psh origin magic      // pushes local to origin/magic

    or any other number of parameters on different commands works as "git push origin magic" would. Also, since command line parameters are not destoryed, using g by itself instead of git followed by a command also works:

    g stash                 // works just as well with any git subcommand

    It also keeps tab completion. So when you want to switch to another branch, just

    $ g co <TAB><TAB>
    HEAD         master       second-branch   ORIG_HEAD

    as you normally would.

    Manual Install


    If on linux, append [scripts/bashrc] to ~/.bashrc to use shortened commands.

    cat ./.bashrc >> ~/.bashrc


    For zsh:

    • Copy [scripts/zsh-mingit] to ~/
    • Copy [scripts/git-completions.bash] to ~/

    Then add the following to your ~/.zshrc file:

    # start mingit #
    zstyle ':completion:*:*:git:*' script ~/.git-completions-mingit.bash
    autoload -Uz compinit && compinit -u
    source ~/
    compdef g='git'
    # end mingit #

    For bash: Append the contents of [scripts/bash_profile] to your ~/.bash_profile:

    cat ./.bash_profile >> ~/.bash_profile


    If on windows, append [scripts/win-bashrc] to ~/.bashrc (create it if it doesn't exist) in your home directory (find home by echo $HOME on your git bash setup...probably /c/users/$USER).

    Now use the mingit commands instead of the git commands to save tons of time while using git.


    As of v7 of npm, uninstall scripts don't work :( However, you can easily uninstall this alias by running node scripts/uninstall.js before executing the below.

    $ npm uninstall -g mingit


    npm i mingit

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