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Queries the Official Minecraft Versions JSON API provided by Mojang.

$ npm install minecraft-versions
var mcversions = require("minecraft-versions");
mcversions.query(function (err, data) {
     * data => {
     *   versions: [
     *     {
     *       id: "1.6.2",
     *       time: "2013-08-06T13:00:00+02:00",
     *       releaseTime: "2013-07-05T15:09:02+02:00",
     *       type: "release"
     *     },
     *     // ...
     *   ],
     *   latest: {
     *     snapshot: "1.6.2",
     *     release: "1.6.2"
     *   }
     * }

In actuality, this is a simple wrapper for downloading a static file hosted on S3 by Mojang. As they add more versions to their launcher, this will become more complete.



This property is just a String containing the URL for the versions.json file.


This function just downloads the version listing and returns it via callback.


This function simply returns a URL pointing to the minecraft_server.jar file corresponding to the supplied version number.

This function initiates a download of the corresponding minecraft_server.jar and returns a Stream (via the request module) for you to pipe wherever you see fit.

Upcoming Features:

  • Conversion of time / releaseTime into Date objects
  • Grouping of versions by type
  • A "download latest of type" function
  • A "download to file" function