A CoffeeLinting module for Mimosa


This is a coffeelinting module for Mimosa. Use this module to run your coffeescript files through a linting process that will check them for idiomatic use of the language.

For more information regarding Mimosa, see http://mimosa.io

Add "coffeelint" to your list of modules. That's all! Mimosa will install the module for you when you start up.

When mimosa-coffeelint encounters a coffeescript file, it lints it! This occurs when Mimosa first starts up and when coffeescript files are added or updated.

  • exclude: array of strings or regexes that match files to not coffeelint, strings are paths that can be relative to the watch.compiledDir or absolute.
  • rules: Rule overrides for the coffeelint module. Rule definitions can be be found at http://www.coffeelint.org/#options.
      value: 100
      level: "error"

This will change the line length to 100.