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Allows for creation of local adhoc/one-off mimosa modules


This module allows for linking node code in your app, or on your file system, directly into a Mimosa workflow. This is great for small one off tasks that don't make sense as NPM modules.

For more information regarding Mimosa, see

Add 'adhoc-module' to your list of modules. Mimosa will install the module for you when you start up.

This module forwards registation and workflow functions on to your code, allowing local code to be directly linked into Mimosa's workflows. Commands are executed in the order they are provided.

  modules: []
  • modules: An array of require calls. The code required in must expose a registration function. For information on the registration function and how to use it, see virtually any Mimosa module. Here's a simple one.;
  modules: [require('./scripts/module1'), require('./scripts/module2')]
var _execute = function( mimosaConfig, options, next ) {
  // do something appropriate for "beforeInstall", like copy files around 
  // or transform files before installing them somewhere 
exports.registration = function( mimosaConfig, register ) {
  if ( mimosaConfig.isBuild ) {
    register( ["postBuild"], "beforeInstall", _execute );