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Mimer Build Status NPM version

A simple MIME type getter built on top of Node.js.


Browser version:: bower install mimer or Minified (amd and CommonJS ready) Source

Node.js version: npm install mimer into your project

Getting started

// node and browserify 
var Mimer = require('mimer');
// amd (Require.js and etc) 
require('path/to/mimer', function (Mimer) {});
// browser (through script tag) 

Get a MIME type

Mimer('file.css'); // => "text/css" 
// or 
var mime = new Mimer();
mime.get('file.css');  // => "text/css" 

Set a MIME type

var mime = new Mimer();
mime.set('.monster', 'movie/thriller')
    // => "movie/thriller" 
mime.set(['.rctycoon','.simcity'], 'cms/game');
mime.get('/land/park.rctycoon'); // => "cms/game" 
mime.get('maps/city.simcity'); // => "cms/game" 


npm install -g mimer (it may require Root privileges)

pritting a mime type

$ mimer brand.png


$ make install
$ make test

Build web version with:

$ make build

If you'd like to test the full process including npm installer, just run:

$ make fulltest

Release notes

  • 0.2 - Follow IANA RFC and full AMD and browser support
  • 0.1 - First release


MIT License (c) Helder Santana