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The easiest build tool you'll ever use.

Build Status


Millwright provides the common build functionality that many projects need without requiring any setup.

Please visit for more information, including usage and installation.

Project status

Millwright is currently in Alpha. That means that the basic feature set expected for the 1.0.0 milestone is in place, and that it's generally expected to work as described. Alpha status also means that the library is highly untested, and that the project is ready for developer usage and contributions via issues and PR's.

Current priorites include:

  • Windows support (look for that Appveyor badge soon)
  • Refactoring
  • Error messaging
  • Input validation
  • Testing, testing, and more testing


We'll take any and all issue reports, we just ask that any helpful info be provided, such as environment details and any stack traces or error messages.

Pull Requests

This project does not yet have a formal styleguide. For now, the following considerations should be observed when submitting code:

  • Communicate via issues and get confirmation before doing anything big
  • Style matters - keep it clean
  • Add or update relevant tests (currently happening in e2e).


Join the Gitter chat to get (or give) realtime help from the community.

Building Locally

The following commands are available for building Millwright locally:

  • npm run build - runs the build
  • npm run watch - runs the build, then watches for changes




npm i [email protected]





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