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Mikser GitHub webhooks

A Mikser plugin for integrating web site generation with GitHub webhooks. It will regenerate your web site when you push to a GitHub repository.


  1. Inside project folder npm install --save mikser-github-webhook
  2. Add the plugin configuration inside mikser.yml
  3. Add the plugin to the list of mikser plugins inside mikser.yml

Plugin configuration

plugins: ['github-webhook', …]
  url: '/webhook'
  secret: password
  command: git pull
  branch: 'master'
  • url: Url used to expose the webhook. Default: /webhook
  • secret: The key used to hash the payload by GitHub that we verify against, should match what you tell GitHub
  • command: A system command to execute prior to the generation. The command is executed inside the project folder. Default git pull
  • branch: Filter events only for a given branch. Note that you have to switch manualy to this branch.