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    Command line tooling for the migroose migration framework.

    Get Started

    You will need both migroose and the migroose-cli tool. Migroose should be installed in the project, while the cli tool should be installed globally.

    npm install migroose
    npm install -g migroose-cli

    Now you can use the cli tool to generate a migration and run migrations.

    Generate A Migration

    Use the command line to generate a migration file.

    migroose "some example migration"

    This will produce a mongrations/##########-some-example-migration.js file where "#########" is a timestamp.

    See the migroose docmentation for information on how to write a migroose migration script.

    Connect Migroose To Your MongoDB Database

    Before you can run you migrations, you need to provide a connection to your MongoDB database. This only has to be done once per project, but it must be done before the migrations can run.

    Create a migroose.js file in your project folder, and have it export a connect function. This function receives one callback argument that you must call once your database connection has been established.

    // my-project/migroose.js
    var mongoose = require("mongoose");
    module.exports = {
      // provide a connection to my mongodb instance
      connect: function(cb){
        var conn = "mongodb://localhost:27017/some-database";
        mongoose.connect(conn, function(err){
          if (err) { throw err; }
          // now that i'm connected, i can tell migroose to run

    Having written this connector, you can now use the migroose command line to run your migrations.

    Run Migrations

    Once you have completed your migraiton script, you can run them with the command line.


    Specifying no parameters will tell migroose to run all of the migration files found in the mongrations folder.

    Legal Junk

    Migroose-CLI is ©Copyright 2015, Muted Solutions LLC.

    Migroose and Migroose-CLI are distributable under the MIT License


    npm i migroose-cli

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