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Mighty Dux

Flux stores inspired by Redux

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$ npm install mighty-dux flux --save


Dux exposes two methods for creating stores, createStore and createClass.

Create Store

Returns a new instance of a Dux Store. It is passed a flux dispatcher and an object of options.

var Dux = require('mighty-dux');
var Dispatcher = require('flux').Dispatcher;
var dispatcher = new Dispatcher();
var store = Dux.createStore(dispatcher, {options});

Create Class

Returns a class for creating instances of a Dux Store. It is passed an object of options. This is useful for an instances architecture rather than traditional flux singletons.

var Dux = require('mighty-dux');
var Dispatcher = require('flux').Dispatcher;
var dispatcher = new Dispatcher();
var AppStore = Dux.createClass({options});
var app = new AppStore(dispatcher);

Store Options


getInitialState returns the intial state of the store

Action Reducers (currentState, action)

Action Reducers are reducers that are called on a store when an action matches the action type. Action Reducers are passed the current state object, as well as the matching action. Return the new state object.

var Store = Dux.createStore(app, {
    getInitialState() {
        return {counter: 0};
    INCREMENT(state, action) {
        return {counter: state.counter + 1};
    DECREMENT(state, action) {
        return {counter: state.counter - 1};
app.dispatch({type: 'INCREMENT'});
console.log(Store.getState().counter); // 1 

Custom Options

Any other methods or properties have direct access to the store object via the this keyword.

var Store = Dux.createStore(app, {
    getInitialState() {
        return {
            firstName: 'ian',
            lastName: 'williams'
    fullName() {
        var {firstName, lastName} = this.getState();
        return firstName + ' ' + lastName;



Returns the current state of the store


Resets the state of the store and fires RESET and CHANGE callbacks. This is useful for rehydrating stores on the client in isomorphic applications. This does not reset the event listeners on the store.


The Flux dispatch token for the store. Can be used with Dispatcher.waitFor

store.subscribe (event, callback)

Subscribe to store events. Optionally pass an event type, or subscribe to all events that affect the store.

store.subscribe('EVENT', function() {
    store.getState(); // current state 

store.unsubscribe (event, callback)

Unsubscribe callback from Store events. Event Type is also optional

store.unsubscribe('EVENT', callback);


Object of event listeners per store event.

store.waitFor (event)

Calls the dispatcher instance's waitFor method.