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    MidiPlayerJS is a JavaScript library which reads standard MIDI files and emits JSON events in real time. This player does not generate any audio, but by attaching a handler to the event emitter you can trigger any code you like which could play audio, control visualizations, feed into a MIDI interface, etc.

    Forked & modified by Tim Mensch to be easier to include into an ES6 or TypeScript project. Includes TypeScript types.

    Additional post-fork improvements include:

    • Older Safari browser compatibility: There were several places where the code would fail on Safari on iOS 9. Fixed/polyfilled.
    • Optimized: Was using Uint8Array.slice previously, which creates a copy of the slice. Changed to subarray which links to the original data.
    • Use a gulpfile to enable building cross-platform. Previously it wouldn't build on Windows.
    • Improved the packaging to use require, and correctly use browserify to package both browser and node versions.
    • Add a yarn.lock file for consistent builds.
    • Fix Program Change message to work as expected


    Getting Started

    Using MidiWriterJS is pretty simple. Create a new player by instantiating MidiPlayer.Player with an event handler to be called for every MIDI event. Then you can load and play a MIDI file.

    var MidiPlayer = require('midi-player-js');
    // Initialize player and register event handler
    var Player = new MidiPlayer.Player(function(event) {
    // Load a MIDI file

    Player Events

    There are a handful of events on the Player object which you can subscribe to using the Player.on() method. Some events pass data as the first argument of the callback as described below:

    Player.on('fileLoaded', function() {
        // Do something when file is loaded
    Player.on('playing', function(currentTick) {
        // Do something while player is playing
        // (this is repeatedly triggered within the play loop)
    Player.on('midiEvent', function(event) {
        // Do something when a MIDI event is fired.
        // (this is the same as passing a function to MidiPlayer.Player() when instantiating.
    Player.on('endOfFile', function() {
        // Do something when end of the file has been reached.

    Full API Documentation


    npm i midi-player-ts

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