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Transforms an asynchronous function into a middleware. The result of the function will be bound to request.loaded.

Use this library if you want to load async data in a clean way.

Short Description

Transforms an asynchronous function f into a middleware. The middleware will call f with (req, callback). f has to call callback with err, value which will cause value to be bound to req.loaded[name].


bind name(req, next) ->
    # do async stuff and call `next` when you are finished 
    error = null
    result = 'result'
    next errorresult

name is the directive where to save the results from function.

# will bind the result of asnycMethod to `` 
bind 'foo'(req, next) -> asyncMethod next

name can be nested.

# will bind the result of asyncMethod to `` 
bind ''(req, next) -> asyncMethod next

If the asynchronous method returns an error the process is aborted and a Status Code of 500 is returned to the user.


router.get '/user',
    bind 'users.all'(req, next) -> dao.user.all next
    (req, res, next) ->
        console.log 'loaded users'req.loaded.users.all
        # will output the result of `dao.user.all` 
    render view.user.all
router.get '/user/:id',
    bind 'user.object'(req, next) -> dao.user.byId req.params.idnext


bind was developed with snd during a project. The initial idea was from snd. I refactored the library and provided unit tests.