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    microsvc is a tiny reusable framework for building microservices with messaging and rest


    npm install -g microsvc


    microsvc uses hub by github in order to create repositories on github for you. Follow hub's official instructions to install and configure hub on your machine.

    microsvc uses gitslave to create a metarepo that handles performing commands across any number of attached repositories. Gitslave may be installed via brew install gitslave, but note you may find an issue with using the command gits status on macs with newer versions of git. To escape that fun little problem, we've made our own fix and made it available to you as an npm package via npm i gitslave -g. You're welcome!


    > microsvc create system <system_name>
    # creates a new microsvc system that acts as a meta project to
    # house all other service, site, api, and etc. repos.
    # microsvc systems are managed using gitslave.
    > microsvc create service <service_name>
    # creates a new microsvc service which
    > microsvc create handler <FILE_NAME>
    # creates a new handler in the current directory
    # with the provided routingKey and additional options
    > microsvc create blank <PROJECT_NAME>
    # creates a new blank project

    microsvc create system

    This project acts as a meta project to house all other service, site, api, etc repos.

    To most easily work on all repos in unison, use gitslave. A good intro example of gitslave usage can be found (here)[http://gitslave.sourceforge.net/tutorial-basic.html].

    To get started, download gitslave and perform the following operation in the development directory of your choice: 'gits clone git@github.com:example/repo.git'.

    microsvc create system <SYSTEM_NAME>

    microsvc create service

    Creates a new service with example handlers and api exposed. The service also comes configured with configuration management using cconfig, logging with llog, and servicebus for messaging.

    microsvc create service <SERVICE_NAME>

    microsvc create handler

    Creates a new handler with the provided routingKey and additional options.

    microsvc create handler <FILE_NAME>


    -h, --help                      output usage information
    -V, --version                   output the version number
    -s, --subscribe                 create subscribe handler (defaults to listen)
    -r, --routingKey [routing key]  set the routing key name
    -q, --queueName [queue name]    set the queue name
    -a, --ack                       set ack=true to create persistent queue and durable messages
    -t, --type [message type]       filter to a specific message type
    -w, --where [where clause]      provide a where clause

    microsvc create blank

    Creates a new blank project initialized with README, .gitignore, and Makefile.

    microsvc create blank <PROJECT_NAME>

    microsvc technology

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    npm i microsvc

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