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    An easily-deployable microservice for collecting user feedback as GitHub issues.

    Deploy using now

    If you already have a now account and a GitHub API token associated with your feedback bot, you can deploy microfeedback-github to now using either

    • One click deploy OR
    • One command deploy

    One click deploy

    Click the button below. Enter a zeit API token associated with your account and the GitHub API token associated with your feedback bot's GitHub account.

    Deploy to now

    One command deploy

    Use the now CLI to deploy this repo. Pass in your bot's GitHub API token.

    now microfeedback/microfeedback-github -e GH_TOKEN=abc123

    For more detailed setup instructions, see the next section.

    Detailed instructions

    • Sign in to the GitHub account that will post issues, e.g. myapp-issuebot.
    • Go here to generate a new personal access token.
    • Enter a description, e.g. "For posting issues" and select the "repo" scope.

    • Click "Generate token" and copy the token.

    • Set up an account with now and install the now client. See here for details.

    • Deploy the service with now. You must pass the following environment variables:

      • GH_TOKEN: The access token you just created.
    now microfeedback/microfeedback-github GH_TOKEN=abc123
    • You're done! Copy the URL returned by now. This is the URL clients will use to access the service.


    • Fork and clone this repo. cd into the project directory.
    • npm install
    • Copy .env.example: cp .env.example .env
    • (Optional) Update GH_TOKEN in .env.
    • To run tests: npm test
    • To run the server with auto-reloading and request logging: npm run dev

    Debugging in tests with iron-node

    Add debugger statements, then run the following:

    npm i -g iron-node
    npm run test:debug



    MIT Licensed.


    npm i microfeedback-github

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