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A Node.js micro services toolkit

Experimental! (ish)

Running the samples

You will need to install Kafka and Zookeeper, follow these instruction:

hello sample

Firstly you will need to setup the sample configuration in zookeeper.

cd samples/hello/config
node config.js

You can view the Zookeeper config at any point:

node dumpConfig.js

You will also need to create the topics in Kafka. The samples use a 'request' and a 'response' topic each with three partitions. Go ahead and create these in Kafka.


The following will run the simple producer. This will post requests into the kafka request topic at the rate of one a second.

cd samples/hello/producer
node simpleproducer.js

The request topic has three partitions so messages will be distributed across these partitions.

To recieve and respond to messages run the hello client:

cd samples/hello/services
node hello.js
node hello.js
node hello.js

Run three copies to read messages from each of the three partitions.