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Simple logging module for microsystems that wraps winston and continuation-local-storage.

What we ultimately wanted to achieve is to generate microservice logs that are unique, traceable, and contain enough data to act on quickly and effectively. To create these logs: * Append a unique identifier to requests as they enter the architecture. * Identify the service that generates events. * Generate events specific to each microservice as the request enters and leaves the service. * Correlate events from each microservice to create an overall view of the request.


 npm install micro-logging


  var log = require('micro-logging');'hello world');

  log.debug('hello world', 'Meta Data')


  • Timestamp
  • API Name - Set as serverName in Config
  • Log Level - Set as logLevel in Config
  • Correlation id - Set as correlationid in context
  • Client Application - Set as clientapplication in context
  • Global User Id - Set as globaluserid in context
  • Message
  • Meta data

Set Context in calling application

var session = require('continuation-local-storage').createNamespace('request'); session.set('correlationid', req.headers.correlationid); session.set('clientapplication', req.headers.clientapplication); session.set('globaluserid', req.headers.globaluserid);

Set Config

serverName=Api Name logLevel=info, error, debug etc...

External Dependencies

  • Node
  • Config