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a tweet sized enriched environment

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do more, with less

this is an experiment based on tiny snippets (so far all of them less than plain 140 bytes) which aim is to simplify and enrich the JS env.

The approach is not as unobtrusive and well tested as eddy.js is but surely easier to maintain and experiment with.

Snippets either enrich the env polluting global prototype or bring new functionalities.

All snippets are grouped in this folder with examples and descriptions.

which micro

Snippets are built to provide portable env files with all dependencies already resolved. Here the list of various combinations:

  • all.js to include all snippets, mainly suitable for browsers
  • env.js to include everything but DOM related snipepts. This is the version built for node and others
  • oop.js to include only Function and Object related snippets
  • dom.js to include only DOM related shortcuts, browsers only
  • base.js to include only plain Object related snippets