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Micro Domain (BETA)

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A library that aims to structure and facilitates communications between front and micro services.

🚨 Build Health

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  • Redux pattern for domain driven
  • Repository Domain
  • Event Tracker
  • Rest Client
  • rights decorators and middlewares

🎧 Dev Features

  • Typescript libraty compilation
  • Unit tests using jest
  • Code quality repports
  • ESLint for static code analyse
  • Prettier for code style consistency
  • Editor config settings for file format consistency
  • Versioned yarn as package manager
  • Husky in order to control push process and commit rules
  • Commit linter with standards versions following conventions of conventional commits
  • Change log automatic generation
  • Version bump management based on commit categories

⚙️ Setup

🎁 How to use it

TODO: add documentations about how to use the library

💎 How to test it

Run make test in order to run all pipeline tests or run specifically a test listed on project :

  • make test_lint : static test on src code
  • make test_dependencies : vulnerability test on package and its dependencies
  • make test_unit : unit test on src code

🚀 CI / CD

This project follows the gitflow Workflow to implement continuous integration and continuous deployement.

📖 Documentations

TODO: add documentations about how to documentation works on it

🏆 Quality

In order to monitoring the quality, this project is equiped with sonar configuration.
You can find the sonar results in [sonar](TODO: add sonar link here).

♻️ Contributing

Do you want to evolve this project ? Your are more than welcome :-)
Take a look in our code of conduct to contribute and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


npm i micro-domain

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