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Michikoid cli tools

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These cli tools harness the michikoid api and make it accessible via some nifty commands.

  • compile contracts (done)
  • migrate them (done)
  • generate the pudding objects (testing)
  • Mocha integration (in development)
  • lint sources (testing)

See the Tutorial for a little intro and the todo list for further improvements.


  1. Compile your contracts.
➜  michikoid-cli git:(master) ✗ ./bin/michikoid -h
  Usage: michikoid [options] [command]
    compile <folder> [options]  Compile a set of contracts
    migrate                     Migrate to the blockchain
    export                      Export artifacts
    lint                        Check solidity code
    test                        Test artifacts
    help [cmd]                  display help for [cmd]
  Michikoid - A solidity toolbelt: compiles code, tests it, exports artifacts and migrates to the blockchain
    -h, --help     output usage information
    -v, --version  output the version number



As cli command

npm install michikoid-cli -g

As part of your dev toolchain

npm install michikoid-cli --save-dev