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Provides several hashing algorithms for node.js by binding to mhash

NOTE: MacOS X users need to have XCode installed (provides gcc)

Installation with NPM

npm install mhash --python=python2


Syntax: hash("algo-type", String || Buffer)
//First argument is a string, one of the supported algorihms below.
//Second argument can either be a String or a Buffer.
var hash = require("mhash");
console.log(hash("md2", "testing"));

Supported Hashing Algorithms

  • crc32

  • crc32b

  • md2

  • md4

  • md5

  • haval128

  • haval160

  • haval192

  • haval224

  • haval256

  • sha1

  • sha224

  • sha256

  • sha384

  • sha512

  • ripemd128

  • ripemd160

  • ripemd256

  • ripemd320

  • tiger128

  • tiger160

  • tiger192

  • gost

  • whirlpool

  • adler32

  • snefru128

  • snefru256

Known Issues

The crc32 and crc32b may not be what you expect due the way the mhash library computes these.

See Issue #1 for more details.

Manual Installation

git clone ""
cd mhash
node-gyp configure build