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$ git clone

This template requires gulp ang bower

Install the plugins

$ npm i -g gulp

$ npm i -g bower 

$ npm i


  • jade for templates
  • stylus for css

The application includes

  • ui.router
  • ui.bootstrap
  • angular-loading-bar
  • pascalprecht.translate
  • ngResource

Run project

$ gulp

Create build for production

$ gulp build --env=production

Multi applications

If you need to make two applications are independent of the code, create a second folder. put into it "config.json"

$ mkdir secondApp 
$ copy application/config.json  secondApp/config.json

$ gulp --config=secondApp

Stage and production

If you need to make inquiries on the "stage" and "production" servers

$ gulp --protocol=http
$ gulp --protocol=https

In your js code use {{SERVER}} and {{protocol}}


  • SERVER = localhost:8090

  • protocol = http