Multi-Git. Command-line tool for working with directories of git repositories.


Command-line tools for working with directories of git repositories.

I'm working with a bunch of git repositories on a daily basis (who isn't). I would like to be able to check their status and pull down changes without having to cd all over the place. Thus the birth of mgit.

$ (sudo) npm install mgit -g

NOTE: I'm using someone's fork of 'gitteh' becase the official version does not compile properly on OSX Lion. I will be keeping an eye out for an update release of gitteh and will change the dependency to that as soon as I can (it's being very actively developed atm).

For now mgit's functionality is VERY basic, but I may add more over time.

Perform a git status in all git repositories within your current working directory.

$ mgit status

I would like this to be a useful tool for more than just myself. Pull-requests are welcome for new functionlity.

Tests. Yeah, yeah ... I know.