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MfGames Tasks

A tool for aggregating tasks and assigned issues from GitLab and GitHub.

Setup and usage

Install mfgames-tasks-cli using npm:

npm i --global mfgames-tasks-cli


Task collection and generation is based on a single YAML configuration.

# This is what defines the sources to scan for outstanding tasks.
    - id:       github-dmoonfire
      type:     github
      token:    TOKEN
    - id:       gitlab-dmoonfire
      type:     gitlab
      token:    TOKEN

# This defines how the files are written out.
    - type:     markdown
      id:       md
      path:     /path/to/output
    - type:     markdown
      id:       dropbox-markdown
      store:    dropbox
      token:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      path:     /absolute/path/relative/to/Dropbox/root

The tool gathers up assigned issues from GitLab or GitHub, combines them together, and then writes them out to a Markdown file.

At the moment, the output is simplified. It is intended it will be expanded by additional controls later.


To use it, run the following:

mfgames-tasks write /path/to/config.yaml


The following fields are used in sources.

  • type: The API to use to get the values. Valid choices are gitlab, github, icalendar, or icalendar-budget
  • id: Arbitrary identifier for the source, used in some messages.
  • url: The base URL or server for the API:
    • GitLab defaults to
    • GitHub defaults to
    • iCalendar: Can be file://, http://, or https://
    • iCalendar Budget: Can be file://, http://, or https://

GitLab and GitHub Fields

  • token: The access token from the respective site for GitLab and GitHub

iCalendar Fields

  • title: The category name, only used for iCalendar.
  • sort: An override on the sort for the file, only used for iCalendar.
  • for: The number of days ahead to use, in the format of "7 days". "months", and "weeks" (defaults to "7 days")

iCalendar Budget Fields

  • title: The category name, only used for iCalendar.
  • sort: An override on the sort for the file, only used for iCalendar.
  • categories: A list of categories to break down the items
    • title: The name of the category
    • for: As above, from now.
    • dayOfMonth: A list of day of months such as [1, 16]
    • avg: If provided, averages the total amounts
  • useDueDates: If true (default), then use the calendar date as the due date.
  • prefixDate: If true (not default), then put an ISO (YYYY-MM-DD) date in front of the title.
  • asTable: Format the results as a Markdown table (if true).


While there can be multiple outputs, at the moment only a simplified Markdown version is provided.

  • type: The output format to use, the only value is "markdown".
  • id: An arbitrary ID used for messages.
  • store: Either file or dropbox.
  • token: The access token for Dropbox, if the store is set to dropbox.
  • path: The path to write the results to.
  • format: An additional format object.


Formatting is based on Lodash template properties. It is in the format property and contains the following keys:

  • category: \n# <%= owner %> / <%= project %>\n\n
  • task: * <%= due %> <%= labels %> <%= title %>\n

The following category items are formatted from the sources:

  • owner: <%= owner %>
  • project: <%= project %>

The following parameters are used for task and all the formats below.

  • title: <%= title %>
  • id: #<%= id %>
  • labels: [<%= labels %>]
  • due: {<%= due.format('YYYY-MM-DD') %>}

For example:

  - id: test
      category: "* <%= owner %> / <%= project %>\n"
      task: "  * <%= title %> <%= due %> <%= labels %> <%= id %>\n"
      id: "#<%= id %>"



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