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This package includes the global command to create a React micro-frontend project (base project) with Webpack 5 (Module Federation).

After all the questions are answered or all necessary arguments passed, the CLI will create a directory in the same directory where the CLI run. The output will be a basic React base application including the configuration of Webpack 5.0.0-beta.25 to make possible the use of the Module Federation Plugin.

There are 2 available templates:

  • JavaScript (default).
  • TypeScript.

And 2 available package manager for the run the application:

  • yarn (default).
  • npm.

There is one last option that is -s or --skip that will create a micro-frontend template using the default values.

Default values:

Project name: mfApplication
Template: JavaScript
Package Manager: yarn
Initialize Git: true
Install dependencies: true

Some of the settings supported by the template are:

  • React v16.13.1
  • ReactDOM v16.13.1
  • Jest and Enzyme configuration.
  • CSS and CSS Modules
  • ESLint and Prettier config
  • Webpack 5.0.0-beta.25


  • NodeJS version 12 or higher.
  • Git version 2.25.0 or higher.


The package can be installed globally.

npm i -g mf-bootstrap-cli

or you can use it by npx

npx mf-bootstrap-cli [options]


The CLI can receive the arguments inline or you can just type the package name and if there are pending mandatory options to create the project, a list of questions will be prompt to the user.

These are all the available arguments that can be pass to the bootstrap CLI.


-h, --help        print mf-bootstrap-cli command line options (currently set)
-i, --install     let the application know if the micro-frontend dependencies will be install. Is set TRUE by default
-g, --git         let the application know if the micro-frontend application will be initialize with Git. Is set TRUE by default
-n, --name        micro-frontend application name
-p, --pManager    package manager to use, yarn (default) or npm
-s, --skip        parameter to create a micro-frontend application using default values
-t, --template    micro-frontend type of project, JavaScript (default) or TypeScript
-v, --version     print mf-bootstrap-cli version


  • Init Git and install dependencies:
$  mf-bootstrap-cli -n myApplication -t JavaScript -p yarn --git --install
  • without git init application and without install dependencies
$  mf-bootstrap-cli -n myApplication -t JavaScript -p yarn
  • Default template (JS), default package manager (NPM), no init and no install dependencies:
$  mf-bootstrap-cli -n myApplication
  • Use default values:
$  mf-bootstrap-cli --skip



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