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    Converting any measuring unit to any unit

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    Sometimes you want to convert hours to seconds. Something you want to know how many weeks are in a decade. And sometimes, you want to know how many blinks of an eye are in a day...


    npm install mezur --save

    Usage example

    const time = require('mezur/time')
    time.hours(5).inSeconds() // 18000
    time.decades(1).inWeeks() // 521.4285714285714

    Also exposes the timeunit methods directly

    const { hours, minutes } = require('mezur/time')
    hours(3).inDays() // 0.125
    minutes(60).inHours() // 1

    Also possible is .asHours() or .toHours()

    same for


    There are other unit conversion packages, what gives?

    Some of the other packages only give you partial conversions (i.e. minutes to seconds) without anything else. Some are great, but are not complete, so you need several packages to "collect the whole set" Some are more "complete" but without an easy way to add more units.

    Building this is with intent to provide as much flexibility and extendability as possibly while keeping an easy-on-the-eyes usage, since you want to an easy and reliable API when converting, so it won't get in the way of your other important code. I believe that hours(5).inSeconds() do just that (to as much as javascript can give)

    Supported Conversions


    name symbol value
    centigal cgal 0.0001mpsps
    centigalileo cgali 0.0001mpsps
    centimeterPerSecPerSec cmpsps 0.01mpsps
    feetPerHourPerHour ftphph 0.00000002351852mpsps
    feetPerHourPerMin fphpmin 0.000001411mpsps
    feetPerHourSec fphps 0.000084667mpsps
    feetPerMinPerMin ftpmpm 0.000084667mpsps
    feetPerMinutePerSec fpmps 0.00508mpsps
    feetPerSecPerSec ftpsps 0.3048mpsps
    gUnits gu 9.80665mpsps
    gal gal 0.01mpsps
    galileo gali 0.01mpsps
    gravity g 9.80665mpsps
    inchPerHourPerHour inphph 0.000000001959877mpsps
    inchPerHourPerMin iphpm 0.0000001175926mpsps
    inchPerHourPerSecond iphps 0.000007055556mpsps
    inchPerMinPerMin inpmpm 0.000007055556mpsps
    inchPerMinPerSec ipmps 0.000423333mpsps
    inchPerSecPerSec inpsps 0.0254mpsps
    kilogal kgal 10mpsps
    kilogalileo kgali 10mpsps
    kilometerPerSecPerSec kmpsps 1000mpsps
    knotsPerHour knphph 0.0001429012mpsps
    knotsPerMillisec knpmspms 514.444444444444mpsps
    knotsPerMin knpmpm 0.00857407407407407mpsps
    knotsPerSec knpsps 0.514444444444444mpsps
    metersPerHourPerHour mphph 0.00000007716049mpsps
    metersPerMinPerMin mpmpm 0.000277778mpsps
    metersPerSecPerSec mpsps 1
    milePerHourPerHour miphph 0.000124178mpsps
    milesPerMinPerMin mipmpm 0.44704mpsps
    milesPerSecPerSec mipsps 1609.344mpsps
    milligal mgal 0.00001mpsps
    milligalileo mgali 0.00001mpsps
    millimeterPerSecPerSec mmpsps 0.001mpsps


    name symbol value
    arcMinute arcmin 1deg / 60
    arcSecond arcsec 1deg / 3600
    degree deg 1
    gradian grad 0.9deg
    hourAngle hrang 15deg
    milliradian mrad 0.001rad
    quadrant qd 90deg
    radian rad 1deg * 180/3.141592653589793
    sextant sxt 60deg
    turn tr 360deg


    name symbol value
    acre acre 4046.856430051sqm
    are a 100sqm
    cent cn 40.468564301sqm
    centiare ca 0.1sqm
    decare daa 100sqm
    deciare da 10sqm
    hectare ha 10000
    squareFeet sqft 0.092903035sqm
    squareInch sqin 0.00064516sqm
    squareKilometer sqkm 1000000sqm
    squareMeter sqm 1
    squareYard sqy .836127392sqm


    name symbol value
    centimeter cm 0.01m
    feet ft 12in
    inch in 0.0254m
    kilometer km 1000m
    meter m 1
    micrometer mcm 0.001mm
    mile ml 1.609344km
    millimeter mm 0.01cm
    nanometer nm 0.001mcm
    nauticalMile nml 1.852km
    yard yard 0.9144m


    name symbol value
    carat ct 0.2g
    grain gr 0.06479891g
    gram g 1
    imperialTon impT 1016.05kg
    jin jin 0.002g
    kilogram kg 1000g
    microgram mcg 0.000001g
    milligram mg 0.001g
    ounce oz 28.349523125g
    pound lb 453.59237g
    stone st 6.35029318kg
    ton T 1000000g
    usTon usT 907.18474kg


    name symbol value
    atmosphere atm 1.01325000bar
    bar bar 1
    pascal pas 0.00001bar
    psi psi 0.06894757293bar
    torr tr 0.001333223684bar


    name symbol value
    Celsius C 1K + 273.15
    Delisle D (1K - 373.15) * (-3 / 2)
    Fahrenheit F (1K * 9 / 5) - 459.67
    Kelvin K 1
    Newton N (1K - 273.15) * 33 / 100
    Rankine R 1K * 9 / 5


    name symbol value
    century C 10D
    day d 24h
    decade D 10Y
    gigasecond Gs 31Y + 287d
    hectosecond hs 1m + 40s
    hour h 60m
    killosecond ks 16m + 40s
    megasecond Ms 11d + 13h + 46m + 40s
    millisecond ms 0.001s
    minute m 60s
    month M 31d
    second s 1
    terasecond Ts 31600Y
    week w 7d
    year Y 365d

    Development setup

    yarn install
    yarn test

    How to extend Mezur?

    Let's say you now landed on Mars, and obviously everything is in javascript because only hipsters live on Mars.

    const marsUnits = [
        name: 'martianDay', // or sol
        symbol: 'marsd',
        value: '24h + 39m + 35.244s'
        name: 'martianYear',
        symbol: 'marsY',
        value: '668.5991marsd'
    const timeUnits = require('./units/time.json') // note that angles is a js file, so PI calculates will be accurate
    const marsTime = require('mezur')(timeUnits.concat(marsUnits))
    marsTime.martianYears(1).inMartianDays() // 668.5991
    marsTime.martianYears(1).inSeconds() // 59355048.240680404

    Release History

    see changelog.md


    Guy Israeli ‚Äď @isguyra

    Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.



    1. Fork it (https://github.com/guyisra/mezur)
    2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b feature/fooBar)
    3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some fooBar')
    4. Push to the branch (git push origin feature/fooBar)
    5. Create a new Pull Request


    npm i mezur

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