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Simple unit conversion utility.

Supported conversions:

  • area
  • distance
  • mass
  • pressure
  • speed
  • temperature
  • time
  • volume

Main Goals

  • Have a simple API
  • Be easy to maintain
  • Be modular
  • Be compatible with other frameworks
  • Be unit tested
  • Work in multiple environments (IE6+, modern browsers, node.js)

To Use


var metiri = require('metiri')
metiri.mass.gram(1000).kilogram().value() // 1 
metiri.mass.gram(1000).kilogram().gram().value() // 1000 


  • Switch mass base unit (gram) to SI unit (kilogram)
  • Documentation
  • Support other area units:
    • ancient-roman, chinese, japanese, natural, old-french, old-russian, old-spanish, thai
  • Support other distance units:
    • ancient-greek, ancient-roman, astronomical, biblical, chinese, computer-equipment, geographical, japanese, nautical, old-french, old-russian, old-spanish-portuguese, optical, thai, typographical-ata, typographical-didot
  • Support other mass units:
    • ancient-greek, ancient-roman, apothecaries, bahai-faith, biblical, chinese, hong-kong, japanese, old-french, old-german, old-russian, thai, troy
  • Support other pressure units:
    • atmosphere, mercury, natural, water
  • Support other volume units:
    • japanese, chinese, thai, old-russian (liquid/dry), old-french, ancient-roman (liquid/dry), biblical (liquid/dry)



Released under the MIT License.