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Uploadable ========== A package enabling the upload and linking of files to models. For example a post in a feed could files attached to it. This package takes care of uploading (using [edgee:slingshot]()), authorising (using [coniel:can]()) and linking the file to a model simply by passing in an instance of the model. UploadableModel --------------- UploadableModel is used to add uploading capabilities to a model that is built on the `coniel:base-model` class. To make a model uploadable just call `UploadableModel.makeUploadable(Model, "typeAsString", options)` passing in a model class, a string that will be used to tag the comment records for later retrieval and optional options. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ javascript var Post = BaseModel.extendAndSetupCollection("posts"); UploadableModel.makeUploadable(Post, "post"); ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This will add the following methods to the prototype of the model. **files(sortKey, sortOrder)** - returns an array of files that are linked to this instance of a model. **images(sortKey, sortOrder)** - returns an array of files which are images that are linked to this instance of a model. **fileUploads(sortKey, sortOrder)** - returns an array of edge:slingshot upload objects that are linked with this instance of a model. **fileCount()** - returns the number of files for this instance of a model. FileUpload ---------- The FileUpload class handles the actual uploading. It uses [edgee:slingshot] to perform the upload so you will need to configure it first (check out the slingshot docs on how to do that). To upload a file and attach it to a model instance, call `FileUpload(model, files, slingshotDirectiveName, callbacks);` **model** - the model to which you want to link the file(s). **files** - an array of files (e.g. taken from a file input on change: **slingshotDirectiveName** - the slingshot directive used to enforce rules (such as file type and max size) on the file upload. These are defined when configuring slingshot (check the slingshot docs). **callbacks** - an object containing callback methods to call at different stages of the upload (see example below). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ javascript var post = Meteor.posts.findOne(); var callbacks = { onUploadSuccess: (file) => { console.log('upload succeeded'); }, onUploadStart: (file) => { console.log('upload started'); }, onUploadError: (error, file) => { console.log('upload failed'); } }; FileUpload.upload(post, files, "image", callbacks); ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ File - Extends [LinkableModel]() - Implements UploadableModel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A file is a record of a an uploaded file containing meta data such as its size, mime type, original name... ### Instance Methods **user()** - Returns an instance of the user that uploaded the file.



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