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A command line scaffolding tool for Meteor applications. It automatically creates project structure, files and boilerplate code. The project structure mimics that of the EventedMind publishing platform.


Install the em command line tool globally so you can use it from any project directory.

$ npm install -g meteor-em


You'll want to have Iron Router installed. Also, this command line tool just handles scaffolding for now. mrt and meteor are different command line tools. Hopefully, sometime in the near future we can enhance the meteor command line tool to be pluggable!


Just type em from the command line and you'll see the various top level commands. Then type em generate or em g to see a list of generators.

You can initialize your project structure like this:

$ em init

A config file will be generated in your project — .em/config.json, and you will be able to specify what types of files will be created for you when you generate a view resource. You can also specify alternative file extensions, e.g. .jade, .sass, and .coffee:

  "view": {
    "html": {
      "create": true,
      "extension": ".html"
    "css": {
      "create": true,
      "extension": ".css"
    "js": {
      "create": true,
      "extension": ".js"

Initializing with options

When running em init you can also pass in options to save some time. For example:

$ em init --ir --css=false --js=coffee

This will install Iron Router, set css file creation to false (css files will not be created when generating a new view), and set your preferred js file extensions to .coffee.

Note: --css=less or --css=sass will change css file extensions to .less and .scss respectively.

Once your project is initialized and your config.json file is set up, you can begin generating various resources. Here are a few examples:

$ em g:scaffold todos
$ em g:view todos/todo_item
$ em g:controller webhooks/stripe --where "server"
$ em g:route todos/todo_show


This is an early alpha project and any thoughts and contributions are welcome.


To run tests

npm test