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Deploy your meteor application to AppFog.

The tool is also compatible with meteorite and it can be used to deploy your application using different mongoDB service: appfog mogoDB, mongoHQ and mongoLab.


npm install meteor-af 

Or if you want to install globally

[sudo] npm install -g meteor-af 

AF command line tool

meteor-af use the command line tool provide by AppFog, so you need to install it first.


Launch meteor-af in your meteor project directory.

Usage: meteor-af command [<args>] [options] 
Currently available commands are:
 update <appname>                                              Bundle and update the application bits
 update <appname> -b, --bundler <meteor, meteorite>            Set the bundler to use, default is auto-detect
 update <appname> -m, --mongodb <appfog, mongohq, mongolab>    Set the mongodb service to use, default is appfog service 


  • Use "af push" to create a new app if it not exists.

  • Create and bind automatically the mongodb service from appfog it it not exists.


Testing with Meteor 0.5.0, appfog cammand line 0.3.18 and Ubuntu 12.10.