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Deploy your meteor application to


Deploy your meteor application to AppFog.

The tool is also compatible with meteorite and it can be used to deploy your application using different mongoDB service: appfog mogoDB, mongoHQ and mongoLab.

npm install meteor-af 

Or if you want to install globally

[sudo] npm install -g meteor-af 

meteor-af use the command line tool provide by AppFog, so you need to install it first.

Launch meteor-af in your meteor project directory.

Usage: meteor-af command [<args>] [options] 
Currently available commands are:
 update <appname>                                              Bundle and update the application bits
 update <appname> -b, --bundler <meteor, meteorite>            Set the bundler to use, default is auto-detect
 update <appname> -m, --mongodb <appfog, mongohq, mongolab>    Set the mongodb service to use, default is appfog service 
  • Use "af push" to create a new app if it not exists.

  • Create and bind automatically the mongodb service from appfog it it not exists.

Testing with Meteor 0.5.0, appfog cammand line 0.3.18 and Ubuntu 12.10.