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Metawidget 4.2 is a smart User Interface widget that populates itself with UI components to match the properties of your domain objects. Can be used through Node.js for server-side UI generation.


For an introduction to Metawidget, please see the tutorial at

The Node.js version of Metawidget must be used in combination with a DOM implementation. This can either be jsdom, envjs, or even a simple implementation of your own (see test/render.js inside this module for an example). Metawidget must be wrapped around a DOM element. The Metawidget constructor takes this element, and thereafter always uses element.ownerDocument rather than referencing any global document object.


npm install metawidget


See test/render.js inside this module for a working example. But briefly:

var metawidget = require( 'metawidget' );
var mw = new metawidget.Metawidget( yourElement );
mw.toInspect = {
    firstname: "Joe",
    surname: "Bloggs"
// yourElement is now populated with child components


This file is dual licensed under both the LGPL ( and the EPL ( As a recipient of Metawidget, you may choose to receive it under either the LGPL or the EPL.

Commercial licenses are also available. See for details.