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An UglifyJS plugin for metalsmith


Note that many options have been removed from the plugin. Many of them may come back in the future, but their inclusion was making it really difficult to maintain the code. In an effort to simplify usage, and maintainability, I followed the example of terinjokes in his gulp-uglify plugin and made this plugin do only one thing: uglify.

Concatenating and minifying all the .js files are supported, but source maps are buggy when doing this. These issues have been brought up with UglifyJS2 several times and has yet to be resolved. Let me know if this issue or others like it have been resolved, or if you have another way of solving the issue.


$ npm install metalsmith-uglify --save


By default, it takes all of your javascript files, and produces a .min.js version of it in the same directory.

var Metalsmith = require('metalsmith');
var uglify     = require('metalsmith-uglify');

It also takes in an object hash with options:

  • options.nameTemplate (String) Default '[name].min.[ext]'

    This allows you to rename the file that comes out the other end minified. It is suggested that you use another metalsmith plugin to do this, but a small feature set supporting this will be maintained. Tokens are surrounded by [] square brackets. Available tokens include name (The filename minus the extension) and ext (The file extension). Additional tokens can be made available upon request. If you use the value [name].[ext], it will replace the file in the metalsmith output.

  • options.order (String, Array of Strings) Default '**'

    This is how you would order the files to be processed. This is mostly just used with the concat option so you can control the order in which your files will be concatenated.

  • options.filter (String, Function, Array of Strings) Default '**/*.js'

    This is how you filter which files actually get included. You can use a glob pattern like the default value, an array of relative filepaths or glob paths,or a function. The function takes in the filepath to the file. Return true if it should be uglified, false if it shouldn't be included.

  • options.preserveComments (Boolean, String, Function) Default: false

    The manner in which comments should be preserved.

    Pass in 'all' or true to keep all comments

    Pass in 'some' to keep comments that start with ! @preserve @license @cc_on

    Pass in a function to conditionally keep comments. Specify your own comment preservation function. You will be passed the current node and the current comment and are expected to return either true or false.

  • options.removeOriginal (Boolean) Default: false

    This will remove the original (unminified) file from the file tree.

  • options.sourceMap (Boolean|String|Function) Default: false

    This indicates whether or not you wish to add a source map to the files. If you indicate true, it will add an additional file to the output, which will be named the name of the minified file, plug .map. So if you have a file named app.js, it will be minified to app.min.js and the map file will be named

    If you pass a string, it will use that name, but you can also specify tokens for dynamic path generation. So in the above example, if you had a file named js/app.js, it would generate a file named js/app.min.js. If you passed '{{dir}}/{{name}}.map' into the sourcemap options, it would generate the map file at js/ If you passed 'maps/{{name}}.map', it would generate the file at 'maps/'.

    If you pass a function, it will be called for each matching file with the path of the minified file as it's argument. You need to return the path to the source map file to generate.

  • options.concat (Boolean|String) Default: false

    Whether or not to concatenate all of matching files into one file. Must either be false or a string name of the path to save the concatenated file to.

    Note: sourceMaps are buggy and probably won't work. The tests that I ran made it seem like the source map was being generated differently than expected. It seemed to only generate the source map for the first file that passed through. There are several issues open on the uglify-js repo, so I'll keep my eye out on any progress on this front.

  • options.output (Object) Default: {}

    Any additional output options as documented here.

  • options.compress (Object)

    Customize compressor options. Pass false to skip compression altogether. Options for this can be found here.

Other options

Add in any other options that uglify.minify can take: uglify api


Although this is intended to just be a small wrapper around UglifyJS, there could be some issues with relative filepaths due to the nature of metalsmith plugins. I have many automated tests running, but to be honest, I hadn't used metalsmith too much before writing this plugin. I just saw a need that needed to be filled and filled it.


Pull Requests are welcome! I would just ask that additional tests are written for each feature added. If you're interested in maintaining the project, let me know, and we'll get everything switched over.