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    A Metalsmith plugin to convert markdown files with Robotskirt, a node wrapper for Sundown.

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    $ npm install metalsmith-robotskirt

    CLI Usage

    Install via npm and then add the metalsmith-robotskirt key to your metalsmith.json with any options you want, like so:

      "plugins": {
        "metalsmith-robotskirt": {
          "smartypants": true,
          "extensions": {
            "tables": true

    Javascript Usage

    Pass options to the plugin and pass it to Metalsmith with the use method:

    var robotskirt = require('metalsmith-robotskirt');
        smartypants: true,
        extensions: {
            tables: true


    All options are optional...


    var defaults = {
        extensions: {
            autolink: true,
            fenced_code: true,
            lax_spacing: true,
            no_intra_emphasis: true,
            space_headers: true,
            strikethrough: true,
            superscript: true,
            tables: true
        htmlFlags: {
            skip_html: false,
            skip_style: false,
            skip_images: false,
            skip_links: false,
            safelink: false,
            toc: false,
            hard_wrap: false,
            use_xhtml: false,
            expand_tabs: false,
            escape: false
        renderers: {
            blockcode: highlightCodeBlocks
        smartypants: true


    • autolink
      Parse links even when they are not enclosed in <> characters. Autolinks for the http, https and ftp protocols will be automatically detected. Email addresses are also handled, and http links without protocol, but starting with www.

    • fenced_code
      Parse fenced code blocks, PHP-Markdown style. Blocks delimited with 3 or more ~ or backticks will be considered as code, without the need to be indented. An optional language name may be added at the end of the opening fence for the code block

    • lax_spacing
      HTML blocks do not require to be surrounded by an empty line as in the Markdown standard.

    • no_intra_emphasis
      Do not parse emphasis inside of words. Strings such as foo_bar_baz will not generate <em> tags.

    • space_headers
      A space is always required between the hash at the beginning of a header and its name, e.g. #this is my header would not be a valid header.

    • strikethrough
      Parse strikethrough, PHP-Markdown style. Two ~ characters mark the start of a strikethrough, e.g. this is ~~good~~ bad

    • superscript
      Parse superscripts after the ^ character; contiguous superscripts are nested together, and complex values can be enclosed in parenthesis, e.g. this is the 2^(nd) time

    • tables
      Parse tables, PHP-Markdown style

    HTML Flags

    • skip_html
      Do not allow any user-inputted HTML in the output.

    • skip_images
      Do not generate any <img> tags.

    • skip_links
      Do not generate any <a> tags.

    • skip_style
      Do not generate any <style> tags.

    • safelink
      Only generate links for protocols which are considered safe.

    • toc
      Add HTML anchors to each header in the output HTML, to allow linking to each section.

    • hard_wrap Insert HTML <br> tags inside on paragraphs where the origin Markdown document had newlines (by default, Markdown ignores these newlines).

    • use_xhtml Output XHTML-conformant tags.

    • expand_tabs

    • escape


    You can define your own renderers like this:

    var robotskirt = require('metalsmith-robotskirt'),
        highlightjs = require('highlight.js');
    function highlight(code, lang) {
        var validLang = lang && highlightjs.getLanguage(lang.trim()),
            highlightedCode = validLang ? highlightjs.highlight(lang, code).value : highlightjs.highlightAuto(code).value,
            langClass = validLang ? ' class="lang-' + lang + '"' : '';
        return '<pre><code' + langClass + '>' + highlightedCode + '</code></pre>';
        renderers: {
            blockcode: highlight


    npm i metalsmith-robotskirt

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