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A Metalsmith plugin to export files to PDF.

Internally, it uses Chrome in headless mode with Puppeteer to generate a PDF version of any file registered in Metalsmith with print CSS media.

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Because of Puppeteer, this plugin requires at least Node v6.4.0.

$ npm install metalsmith-pdfize



const metalsmith = require('metalsmith');
const pdfize = require('pdfize');
    pattern: ['page/cv/*', 'another/page/*html'],
    printOptions: {
        printBackground: true,
        format: 'A4',

The pdfize function accepts an option object with 2 entries:

  1. pattern: a multimatch pattern(s) matching files that should be loaded and exported to PDF
  2. printOptions: an object that is directly passed to puppeteer Page#pdf() function to control headless Chrome behaviour. See Puppeteer documentation for available options.

PDF files are registered into Metalsmith files list. Generated PDF files are named after the file used as source with the .pdf suffix. For instance, if a pattern matches the file page/cv/index.html, the generated PDF path will be page/cv/index.html.pdf. metalsmith-pdfize does not support file renaming, metalsmith-renamer can be used if you need to rename generated PDF.


    "plugin": {
        "metalsmith-pdfize": {
            "pattern": ["page/cv/*", "another/page/*html"],
            "printOptions": {
                "printBackground": true,
                "format": "A4"