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A metalsmith plugin for generating a sitemap

This plugin allows you to generate a sitemap.xml from your source files. By default it looks for any .html files and processes them with sitemap.js.


$ npm install metalsmith-mapsite

CLI Usage

Configuration in metalsmith.json:

  "plugins": {
    "metalsmith-mapsite": {
      "hostname": ""

JavaScript Usage

var sitemap = require('metalsmith-mapsite');
    if (err) throw err;


You can pass options to metalsmith-mapsite with the Javascript API or CLI. The options are:

  • required

The hostname used for generating the urls.

  • optional
  • default: weekly

Change the default changefreq.

  • optional
  • default: '**/*.html'

A multimatch pattern. Only files that match this pattern will be included in the sitemap. Can be a string or an array of strings.

  • optional
  • default: '0.5'

Change the default priority.

  • optional
  • default: 'sitemap.xml'

Change the output file for the sitemap.

  • optional

Add a lastmodified date to the sitemap. Should be a Date object and can be passed through the Javascript API or the frontmatter.

  • optional
  • default: false

Will remove extensions from the urls in the sitemap. Useful when you're rewriting urls.

  • optional
  • default: false

Will replace any paths ending in index.html with ''. Useful when you're using metalsmith-permalinks.


Some values can also be set on a file-to-file basis from a file's frontmatter, the options are:

  • canonical: will override the filename used to generate the url. The path is relative to the hostname.
  • changefreq: will override any other settings for changefreq for the current file.
  • lastmod: will override any other settings for lastmod for the current file.
  • priority: will override any other settings for priority for the current file.
  • private: will exclude the file from the sitemap when set to true.

For example:

canonical: 'different'
changefreq: always
lastmod: 2014-12-01
priority: 1.0
private: true
<!-- index.html -->


Metalsmith-mapsite is a fork of metalsmith-sitemap. After refactoring metalsmith-sitemap I decided I would like to keep the plugin as simple as possible, to minimize possible points of failure and because it already does a lot.

This conflicted with the maintainer's goals, which is why I forked the plugin to metalsmith-mapsite. Mainly just for personal use, but maybe it'll be of use for others as well!