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    Processes file contents with Handlebars. Typically used for mustache syntax embedded within markdown files, but can easily process any type of text file. Safe to use with live reloading. Very similar to metalsmith-hbt-md, but this is safe to use with live reloading using metalsmith-serve and metalsmith-watch.

    What It Does

    Imagine you have some data in a page that you want to render as a table. This lets you repeat content using mustache and it can draw from the metadata of the file.

            name: Bob
            type: Elephant
            name: Sally
            type: Rhino
    Welcome to my zoo! Right now we are taking care of the following animals
    | Name | Type of Animal |
    {{tableData}}| {{name}} | {{type }} |

    Partials can also be used, as can helpers and other features that handlebars provides.


    npm can do this for you.

    npm install --save metalsmith-handlebars-contents


    Include this like you would include any other plugin. Here's a CLI example that also shows the default options. You don't need to specify any of these unless you want to change its value.

        "plugins": {
            "metalsmith-handlebars-contents": {
                "data": [],
                "decorators": [], // DEPRECATED
                "helpers": [],
                "match": "**/*.md",
                "matchOptions": {},
                "partials": ["./partials/**/*"]

    And this is how you use it in JavaScript, with a small description of each option.

    // Load this, just like other plugins.
    var handlebarsContents = require("metalsmith-handlebars-contents");
    // Then in your list of plugins you use it.
    // Alternately, you can specify options.  The values shown here are
    // the defaults.
        // Data files to load or data objects to add to global data.
        data: [],
        // Decorators to add - DEPRECATED, do not use going forward.
        decorators: [],
        // Helper functions to include
        helpers: [],
        // Pattern of files to match in case you want to limit processing
        // to specific files.
        match: "**/*.md",
        // Options for matching files.  See metalsmith-plugin-kit for
        // more information.
        matchOptions: {},
        // Directories that hold partials for processing the content
        partials: ['./partials/**/*']

    The items in the data, decorators, helpers, and partials arrays can be strings or objects. You may also still use decorators in the same way, but they are deprecated. All of these are passed to handlebars-wax using the appropriate method.

    This uses metalsmith-plugin-kit to match files. The .matchOptions object can be filled with options to control how files are matched.


    This plugin is licensed under the [MIT License][License] with an additional non-advertising clause. See the [full license text][License] for information.




    npm i metalsmith-handlebars-contents

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