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A Metalsmith plugin to convert Fountain screenplay files.

This is based on a modified parser from Matt Daly's Fountain.js


$ npm install metalsmith-fountain


  • title_page: Whether to include HTML for the title page in the output file (optional, default: true)
  • content_metadata: Whether to include the HTML for the title page and script in metalsmith metadata (may be large!) (optional, default: false)
  • preserve_title: Whether to override the title attribute in the metalsmith metadata (optional, default: false)
  • preserve_date: Whether to override the date attribute in the metalsmith metadata. Automatically chooses date if available, then draft_date (optional, default false)


This plugin will add most Fountain metadata, accessible from the fountain object in Metalsmith's metadata. YAML front-matter is supported alongside Fountain metadata, like so:

title: Big Fish
credit: written by
author: John August
Title: Big Fish
Credit: written by
Author: John August

Although any key and value can be used in the front-matter, only the following keys will be read from the Fountain metadata into the fountain object like so:

fountain: {
  title: 'Title'
  credit: 'Credit Line'
  author: 'Author'
  authors: 'Authors'
  source: 'Source'
  notes: 'Notes'
  draft_date: 'Draft Date'
  date: 'Date'
  contact: 'Contact Details'
  copyright: 'Copyright'
  content: {  
    // Only if enabled with the `content_metadata` flag!
    title_page: '<h1>Title</h1><etc/>',
    script: '<p>HTML content of the script</p>'

By default, the title and date attributes in Metalsmith's metadata will also be overridden with values from the Fountain metadata (where date takes priority over draft_date if both are present). To disable this, set preserve_title and preserve_date to false, respectively.


This example responsively styles most of the output HTML. Currently, it is recommended to look at that example and the output HTML to get a sense of what to style.