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    Metafab - JavaScript client for metafab Complete MetaFab API references and guides can be found at: This SDK is automatically generated by the OpenAPI Generator project:

    • API version: 1.0.0
    • Package version: 1.0.1
    • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.JavascriptClientCodegen For more information, please visit


    For Node.js


    To publish the library as a npm, please follow the procedure in "Publishing npm packages".

    Then install it via:

    npm install metafab --save

    Finally, you need to build the module:

    npm run build
    Local development

    To use the library locally without publishing to a remote npm registry, first install the dependencies by changing into the directory containing package.json (and this README). Let's call this JAVASCRIPT_CLIENT_DIR. Then run:

    npm install

    Next, link it globally in npm with the following, also from JAVASCRIPT_CLIENT_DIR:

    npm link

    To use the link you just defined in your project, switch to the directory you want to use your metafab from, and run:

    npm link /path/to/<JAVASCRIPT_CLIENT_DIR>

    Finally, you need to build the module:

    npm run build


    If the library is hosted at a git repository, e.g. then install it via:

        npm install GIT_USER_ID/GIT_REPO_ID --save

    For browser

    The library also works in the browser environment via npm and browserify. After following the above steps with Node.js and installing browserify with npm install -g browserify, perform the following (assuming main.js is your entry file):

    browserify main.js > bundle.js

    Then include bundle.js in the HTML pages.

    Webpack Configuration

    Using Webpack you may encounter the following error: "Module not found: Error: Cannot resolve module", most certainly you should disable AMD loader. Add/merge the following section to your webpack config:

    module: {
      rules: [
          parser: {
            amd: false

    Getting Started

    Please follow the installation instruction and execute the following JS code:

    var Metafab = require('metafab');
    var api = new Metafab.ContractsApi()
    var xAuthorization = game_sk_02z4Mv3c85Ig0gNowY9Dq0N2kjb1xwzr27ArLE0669RrRI6dLf822iPO26K1p1FP; // {String} The `secretKey` of the authenticating game.
    var createContractRequest = new Metafab.CreateContractRequest(); // {CreateContractRequest} 
    api.createContract(xAuthorization, createContractRequest).then(function(data) {
      console.log('API called successfully. Returned data: ' + data);
    }, function(error) {

    Documentation for API Endpoints

    All URIs are relative to

    Class Method HTTP request Description
    Metafab.ContractsApi createContract POST /v1/contracts Create custom contract
    Metafab.ContractsApi getContracts GET /v1/contracts Get contracts
    Metafab.ContractsApi readContract GET /v1/contracts/{contractId}/reads Read contract data
    Metafab.ContractsApi writeContract POST /v1/contracts/{contractId}/writes Write contract data
    Metafab.CurrenciesApi batchTransferCurrency POST /v1/currencies/{currencyId}/batchTransfers Batch transfer currency
    Metafab.CurrenciesApi burnCurrency POST /v1/currencies/{currencyId}/burns Burn currency
    Metafab.CurrenciesApi createCurrency POST /v1/currencies Create currency
    Metafab.CurrenciesApi getCurrencies GET /v1/currencies Get currencies
    Metafab.CurrenciesApi getCurrencyBalances GET /v1/currencies/{currencyId}/balances Get currency balance
    Metafab.CurrenciesApi getCurrencyFees GET /v1/currencies/{currencyId}/fees Get currency fees
    Metafab.CurrenciesApi mintCurrency POST /v1/currencies/{currencyId}/mints Mint currency
    Metafab.CurrenciesApi setCurrencyFees POST /v1/currencies/{currencyId}/fees Set currency fees
    Metafab.CurrenciesApi transferCurrency POST /v1/currencies/{currencyId}/transfers Transfer currency
    Metafab.GamesApi authGame GET /v1/games Authenticate game
    Metafab.GamesApi createGame POST /v1/games Create game
    Metafab.GamesApi updateGame PATCH /v1/games/{gameId} Update game
    Metafab.PlayersApi authPlayer GET /v1/players Authenticate player
    Metafab.PlayersApi createPlayer POST /v1/players Create player
    Metafab.PlayersApi updatePlayer PATCH /v1/players/{playerId} Update player
    Metafab.TransactionsApi getTransaction GET /v1/transactions/{transactionId} Get transaction
    Metafab.WalletsApi getWalletBalances GET /v1/wallets/{walletId}/balances Get wallet balances
    Metafab.WalletsApi getWalletTransactions GET /v1/wallets/{walletId}/transactions Get wallet transactions

    Documentation for Models

    Documentation for Authorization


    • Type: HTTP basic authentication




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