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MetaApi risk management API for javascript (a member of project)

MetaApi risk management SDK documentation has moved to

MetaApi risk management SDK is now released as a part of MetaApi SDK (link).

MetaApi risk management API is a cloud API for executing trading challenges and competitions. You can use this API for e.g. if you want to launch a proprietary trading company like FTMO. The API is also useful for trading firms/teams which have to enforce trading risk restrictions.

MetaApi risk management API is a member of MetaApi project (, a powerful cloud forex trading API which supports both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

MetaApi is a paid service, however API access to one MetaTrader account is free of charge.

The MetaApi pricing was developed with the intent to make your charges less or equal to what you would have to pay for hosting your own infrastructure. This is possible because over time we managed to heavily optimize our MetaTrader infrastructure. And with MetaApi you can save significantly on application development and maintenance costs and time thanks to high-quality API, open-source SDKs and convenience of a cloud service.

Why do we offer MetaApi risk management API

We found that developing a platform and infrastructure for running trading and investement challenges and competitions is a task which requires lots of effort and investment.

We decided to share our product as it allows developers to start with a powerful solution in almost no time, saving on development and infrastructure maintenance costs.

MetaApi risk management API features

Features supported:

  • fine-granular equity tracking
  • configuring and executing trading challenges and competitions consisting from multiple drawdown and profit target criteria
  • receiving notifications about failed challenges in real time
  • tracking equity chart and challenge/competition statistics in real time
  • tracking equity and balance changes in real time
  • tracking number of days with trades during a challenge

Please check Features section of the documentation for detailed description of all settings you can make

REST API documentation

RiskManagement SDK is built on top of RiskManagement REST API.

RiskManagement REST API docs are available at


Please check this page for FAQ:

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