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Meta Code is a set of metaprogramming utilities for CoffeeScript (inspired by Ruby).

Although you can achieve the same things by hard-coding evrything, this package is good because function names convey meaning, and is good to have consensus among developers.


Curently, the folowing tools are provided (nicely documented in the code)

  • module

    • extend - copies the module object's methods onto an object
    • include - copies the module object's methods onto an object's prototype
    • includeInter - inject a shallow copy of the module object into an object's prototype chain
  • forward

    • forward - forward a method call to an object property
  • autoload

    • autoload - load a property from a file


Install with npm:

# install locally in "./node_modules" 
npm install meta_code
# or use -g to install globally 
npm install meta_code -g
# or add it as a dependecy to your package.json and run 
npm install


Metacode consists of a series of tools like "forward" or "module" that aid you to inject code in your objects. There are two interfaces that can be used:

  1. Use via metaCode helper
metaCode = require 'meta_code'
# a "module" we'll be including in our class 
Power =
  sword: 'katana'
  fight: -> console.log @sword
class Samurai
  # Enable the module tool. Once enabled we can use this tool's methods  
  # like 'extend' and 'include' in our object, because the tool's methods  
  # get copied in our object 
  metaCode @'module'
  @include Power
  1. Use directly
module = require 'meta_code/tools/module' # require the tool 
# a "module" we'll be including in our class 
Power =
  sword: 'katana'
  fight: -> console.log @sword
class Samurai @Power