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    This is a web based Intel® AMT management console. You can run this tool and use your browser to manage all your Intel® AMT computers. Works on any operating system that supports NodeJS. The console support most of the Intel® AMT features. Currently, this version of MeshCommander does not support IDER and does no do TLS certificate checking.

    A step up from this version of MeshCommander, is MeshCentral.


    Make sure you have NodeJS and npm installed. If you are behind a proxy, setup npm to use the proxy:

        npm config set proxy
        npm config set https-proxy

    Then, install MeshCommander by creating an empty folder and using npm to download the module:

        mkdir meshcommander
        cd meshcommander
        npm install meshcommander

    To run MeshCommander you may need to use "nodejs" instead of "node" on Linux.

        cd ./node_modules/meshcommander
        node meshcommander [arguments]

    Update and uninstall

    Uninstalling MeshCommander is super easy, just use npm as usual. For updating, just install over the previous version by installing again. From the parent folder of node_module, enter ether:

        npm install meshcommander
        npm uninstall meshcommander

    Command Line

    Command line arguments

    Arguments Description
    --any Bind MeshCommander on all interfaces. By default, it's bound to only.
    --port (port) Specify the server's port number. Default is 3000.


    Introduction to MeshCommander.

    MeshCommander - Introduction

    Using MeshCommander's hardware KVM viewer.

    MeshCommander - Usages

    Setting up Intel® AMT with TLS.

    MeshCommander - Intel AMT CIRA


    This software is licensed under Apache 2.0.


    npm i meshcommander

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