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Mergician is a uniquely flexible and light-weight utility for cloning and deep (recursive) merging of JavaScript objects.

Unlike native methods and other utilities, Mergician faithfully clones and merges objects by properly handling descriptor values, accessor functions, and prototype properties while offering advanced options for customizing the clone/merge process.


  • Deep (recursive) clone/merge JavaScript objects
  • Generates new object without modifying source object(s)
  • Clone/merge enumerable and non-enumerable properties
  • Clone/merge property descriptor values
  • Retain, skip, or convert accessor functions to static values
  • Inspect, filter, and modify properties
  • Merge, skip, or hoist prototype properties
  • Merge or skip key intersections, unions, and differences
  • Merge, sort, and remove duplicate array items
  • IntelliSense / code hinting support
  • TypeScript support
  • Lightweight (2k min+gzip) and dependency-free

Platform Support

Node 10+
Chrome 61+
Edge 16+
Firefox 60+
Safari 10.1+


Basic object cloning using default options:

// ES module shown. CommonJS module also available (see below).
import { mergician } from 'mergician';

const obj1 = { a: [1, 1], b: { c: 1, d: 1 } };
const clonedObj = mergician({}, obj1);

// Results
console.log(clonedObj); // { a: [1, 1], b: { c: 1, d: 1 } }
console.log(clonedObj === obj1); // false
console.log(clonedObj.a === obj1.a); // false
console.log(clonedObj.b === obj1.b); // false

Advanced object merging using custom options:

// ES module shown. CommonJS module also available (see below).
import { mergician } from 'mergician';

const obj1 = { a: [1, 1], b: { c: 1, d: 1 } };
const obj2 = { a: [2, 2], b: { c: 2 } };
const obj3 = { e: 3 };

const mergedObj = mergician({
  skipKeys: ['d'],
  appendArrays: true,
  dedupArrays: true,
  filter({ depth, key, srcObj, srcVal, targetObj, targetVal }) {
    if (key === 'e') {
      targetObj['hello'] = 'world';
      return false;
})(obj1, obj2, obj3);

// Result
console.log(mergedObj); // { a: [1, 2], b: { c: 2 }, hello: 'world' }



npm install mergician
// ES module
import { mergician } from 'mergician';
// CommonJS module
const { mergician } = require('mergician');


Available on jsdelivr (below), unpkg, and other CDN services that auto-publish npm packages.

💡 Note the @ version lock in the URLs below. This prevents breaking changes in future releases from affecting your project and is therefore the safest method of loading dependencies from a CDN. When a new major version is released, you will need to manually update your CDN URLs by changing the version after the @ symbol.

// ES module @ latest v2.x.x
import { mergician } from '';

Usage & Options

See the documentation site for details.


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This project is licensed under the MIT license.

Copyright (c) John Hildenbiddle (@jhildenbiddle)

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