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    What's this

    Menu That Emulates File Explorer In JavaScript (beginners project)


    npm i menufexp --save Then...

    import {mnu,it,rm} from '.menufexp'
    // create array of menu items
    // new it(item id, item title, item value, item parent id, item type ('c'-container(folder),'i' - end item(file)) )
    let items=[
        new it(-1,"*","*",-2,"c"),new it(1,"it1","val1",-1,"c"),new it(2,"it2","val2",-1,"c"),new it(3,"it3","val3",-1,"c"),
        new it(11,"it11 it11 it11it11 it11 it11","val11",1,"c"),new it(12,"it12","val12",1,"c"),new it(13,"it13","val13",1,"c"),
        new it(41,"it11 it11 it11it11 it11 it11","val11",1,"c"),new it(42,"it42","val12",1,"c"),new it(43,"it43","val13",1,"c"),
        new it(21,"it21","val21",2,"c"),new it(22,"it22","val22",2,"c"),new it(23,"it23","val23",2,"c"),
        new it(31,"it31","val31",3,"c"),new it(32,"it32","val32",3,"c"),new it(33,"it33","val33",3,"i"),
        new it(111,"it111","val111",11,"c"),new it(112,"it112","val112",11,"i"),new it(113,"it113","val113",11,"c"),
        new it(121,"it121","val21",21,"i"),new it(122,"it122","val122",21,"i"),new it(123,"it123","val123",21,"i"),
        new it(131,"it131","val131",21,"i"),new it(132,"it132","val132",21,"i"),new it(133,"it133","val133",21,"i"),
    //create new menu :
    //icli handles click on item
    let showmenu=()=>{
       let icli=(e,item,r,rndr,rr)=>{
                case "c":rndr(; break;
                case "i":
                    let q=false;
                    for(let i=0;i<r.length;i++){
                        if (r[i]{q=true; break;}
                    if(!q) { 
        let rootFolder=-1; //set rootfolder ID
        let currentFolder=1 //set currentFolder ID
        let f1={name:'Properties',f:(i)=>{alert(i.title+"\nProperties");}, type:"ci"}
        let f2={name:"New File",f:(i)=>{alert("New File in " + i.title + " folder");}, type:"c"}
        let f3={name:"Edit File",f:(i)=>{alert(i.title+"\nEdit\n"+i.value);}, type:"i"}
        let f4={name:"Delete",f:(i)=>{alert(i.title+"\n Delete\n"+i.value);}, type:"ci"}
        let f5={name:"Alert1",f:(i)=>{alert(i.title+"\nAlert1\n"+i.value)}, type:"ci"}
        let mfarr=[f1,f2,f3,f4,f5];
        //prepared  actions menu for individual menu Items(appears when you place cursor on menu sign for more then 1 sec and disappears in 3sec )
        let fr1={name:' Selected Properties',f:(i)=>{alert(i.title+"\nProperties");}, type:"ci"}
        let fr2={name:"New File",f:(i)=>{alert("New File in " + i.title + " folder");}, type:"c"}
        let fr3={name:"Edit Selected File",f:(i)=>{alert(i.title+"\nEdit\n"+i.value);}, type:"i"}
        let fr4={name:"Delete Selected file",f:(i)=>{alert(i.title+"\n Delete\n"+i.value);}, type:"ci"}
        let fr5={name:"Alert Selected",f:(i)=>{alert(i.title+"\nAlert1\n"+i.value)}, type:"ci"}
        let rfarr=[fr1,fr2,fr3,fr4,fr5];
        //prepares  actions menu for individual selected menu Items(appears when you place cursor on menu sign for more then 1 sec and disappears in 3sec )
        let frr1={name:'Properties',f:(r)=>{alert(r.toString()+"\nProperties")}}
        let frr2={name:"Send Selected Items Somewhere",f:(r)=>{alert("Send ["+r.toString()+"] Somewhere")}}
        let frr3={name:"Send Selected Somewhere Else",f:(r)=>{alert("Send ["+r.toString()+"] Somewhere Else");}, type:"i"}
        let rrfarr=[frr1,frr2,frr3];
        //prepares  actions menu for  selected items array(appears when you click menu sign  )
    //new menu parameters 
    // icli -handler of click onthe iem event,
    // trigger id of html element click on which invokes new menu
    // app id of html element where menu is placed
    // moveanchor id of html element dragging of which moves menu
    // id of root menu item (here 1)
    // items array of menu items
    // SelectedItems aray of ids  of selected items
    // mfarr array of item  actions
    // render menu method that renders menu: 1 id of current folder
        const tebu= new mnu(icli,'trigger','app','moveanchor',rootFolder,items,selectedItems,mfarr,rrfarr).render(currentFolder);
        let move=null;
        // rm object enabling menu moving
        if(!move){ move= new rm('moveanchor','app')};


    npm i menufexp

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